Rules & Regulations



Participant categories and age restrictions

  1. Participants in the festival may take part in the following categories: adult soloists, groups, and choirs.  There are also categories of children’s soloists, groups and choirs. (There cannot be more than 25 persons per group).
  2. Participants wishing to compete in the Festival competition must register electronically by September 30th, 2017 at
  3. Contestants may only compete in one category.
  4. In the children’s category, the maximum age of the performer is fifteen (15) on the day of the event.  If any one member of a group or choir is fifteen or older, the entire group must compete in the adult category.
  5. Four live accompanists over 14 years of age may accompany those wishing to register in the children’s category for soloists, bands and choirs.  The accompanists may not sing.


  1. All candidates are asked to prepare two songs, one of which reflects this year’s theme. All lyrics must be in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. All lyrics should be in Polish or English.  Lyrics not in Polish or English must be translated into English for the benefit of the jury.
  2. All lyrics and/or their translations must be submitted at the time of registration. You may submit them electronically to or by regular mail (Festival of Religious Song c/o Catholic Youth Studio, 183 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6R 2L5 Canada).  The total time of both renditions must not exceed 8 minutes.


  1. All participants must audition prior to the Festival. Those who qualify will be chosen and given the opportunity to participate in the Festival.
  2. It is mandatory for all those who live out of province, and who wish to participate in the Festival, to send good quality audio and/or visual recording of both songs, in addition to the lyrics and/or their translations.  Please send material to International Festival of Religious Song c/o Catholic Youth Studio, 183 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6R 2L5 Canada.  Out of province candidates are exempt from the audition; however, their attendance is mandatory at the technical rehearsal before the Festival weekend. The date and time of the rehearsal will be announced.
  3. During the Festival competition the composition of the group, the lyrics, and the arrangements of the presentation have to be similar to those featured during the audition.

Recorded background music

  1. The use of recorded background music is allowed.  Please note that the recorded background music may not contain any backup vocals.  The jury will be more favourable toward performers who make less use of recorded background music.

Festival competition criteria

  1. The jury will rate:

· Musical composition

· The arrangement of songs

· Interpretation – musicality, musical impressionability, rhythm

· Vocal range

· Use of recorded background music versus live accompaniment.

· Language fluency and diction

· Spiritual depth of the pieces

· Stage presence


  1. The International Festival of Religious Song does not award monetary prizes, or other prizes of valuable consideration.  Awards are statuettes and diplomas.


  1. During the Festival it is prohibited for contestants to perform encores (with the exception of the award presentations), and/or add commentary or additions to their presentation.
  2. Breaking any of the stipulated rules or the contract may result in disqualification.
  3. During the Festival, there should be one person responsible for performers who are minors.  This person should be registered with the Festival Organizing Committee before the event.
  4. Following registration, soloists, directors of groups and choirs, or those responsible for the competitors are asked to keep in contact with the International Festival of Religious Song committee.
  5. The Festival’s Organizing Committee reserves the exclusive right to use materials recorded during the Religious Song Festival.
  6. The Organizing Committee of the International Festival of Religious Song reserves the right to make any decisions regarding matters which may arise related to the Festival which have not been accounted for in the above Rules and Regulations.